Carpet care and maintenance


Carpet care and maintenance information

When you choose carpet flooring, professional carpet cleaning is part of the ongoing care and maintenance to ensure the best lifespan and performance. No matter which fibers and styles you choose, carpet care and maintenance help keep your floors looking and performing as well as they should. Here are some facts about the benefits and requirements of this flooring line.

How often to clean carpets?

As a general rule, carpeting should be cleaned professionally at least once every 12 to 18 months for the best results. This service pulls out ground debris missed by regular cleaning and vacuuming. In addition, a commercial rug cleaner offers powerful cleaning options, with commercial cleaners that bring better-looking, fresher-smelling floors.

Between professional cleanings, you'll want to vacuum every other day or as necessary to ensure the best results. If you have pets, children, or both, you may need to vacuum more often, especially if most of your home has carpet. They can cause worn flooring and dander buildup, bringing heightened allergies in sensitive homeowners and family members.



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Special cleaning situations

Certain situations arise that demand spur-of-the-moment cleaning, such as carpet stain removal. Spills, footprints, and accidents can cause these, particularly in pet-friendly homes, which makes built-in stain protection a necessary consideration. In addition, cleaning up these issues is much easier if you choose a fiber with stain protection built into the fiber at the point of manufacture.

If you need help figuring out how to clean up certain stains, contact us or refer to your manufacturer's recommendations. We can help you solve any cleaning needs. Contact us today with all your carpet cleaning needs, and we'll provide the answers or professional carpet cleaning.

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