Hardwood care and maintenance


Hardwood care and maintenance you can trust

Wood floor maintenance is necessary to ensure your floors look and perform as well as they should and reach their projected lifespan with no problem. It's essential to care for these products with the recommended products and services to avoid damage. For instance, we recommend using only non-abrasive products and cleaners and calling on professional services for messes or situations you can't handle at home.

How to maintain your hardwood?

The first step is to sweep up dirt and debris daily or as often as necessary to guard against scratching and scuffing. Next, your hardwood floor care can include dry and damp mopping, depending on your cleaning needs. Also, consider runners and area rugs in spaces where traffic is highest to keep foot traffic off the surface of your hardwood altogether.

Another vital step in maintaining your wood floors is cleaning up spills as soon as they happen to avoid damage to the surface and sealant. Some liquids can do more harm than others, and some do more damage over time. Cleaning this way, as necessary, is a great way to maintain wood floors, especially over time.



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What to avoid?

There are a few cleaning options that we advise against when it comes to hardwood flooring because they could damage the wood. First, we recommend avoiding steam cleaners, which use intense heat, steam, and pressure to clean other surfaces. For hardwood, all of these can be problematic.

We also recommend only non-abrasive cleaners and cleaning tools, which can shorten the lifespan of these materials. If you have questions about cleaners or cleaning requirements, contact us. We're happy to help you create the best cleaning regimens to maintain wood floors.

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